rrarre advisory

rrarre advisory is an enterprise initiated by rrarre that offers client services as an extension of the in-house work we do with the enterprises we invest in.

In partnership with our clients we cultivate the conditions needed to leverage the long-term potentials of people growth and developmental culture in organisations.

We are passionate co-creators. The starting point of all our work is conversation. Let us know if you’d like to meet for an initial exploration of your needs, our capabilities and potentials of a collaboration. Below you’ll find a broad framing of our advisory work.

For who?

We believe developmental cultures are the future of all types of organisations in all sizes and phases, in all sectors and industries. Developmental culture is for everyone and can be achieved in any part of the organisation. It doesn’t have to be established top down or involve all parts from the start, although top leadership commitment is preferable. We work together with leaders, managers, executives, boards and People/HR functions that are responsible for culture development.


Transitioning to a developmental culture not only makes sense from a values point of view, it also makes sense from a performance perspective. Research and countless role models and inspirations in the world demonstrate the connection between people centred organisational cultures and espoused outcomes such as innovation, value creation and financial results.

When people are encouraged to bring all of themselves to work, are invited to grow as humans, and are held in a safe culture, they thrive. And the organisation develops and thrives with them. The odd thing is not this connection, but that still so few organisations are tapping into this potential.


Developmental culture in our view emphasises deeper aspects of people growth. By this we mean cultivating inner qualities and capabilities such as awareness, perspective-taking, empathy and holding uncertainty. This is a process that involves individuals, groups/teams and the organisation as a whole. A prerequisite is to form a safe and holding culture that allows vulnerability, risk-taking, mistakes and learning. This requires leadership of a kind that still is quite unusual.

Our role and how we serve

We see ourselves as enablers rather than drivers. We can’t do this important work for you, but we can partner with you, facilitate, and support you actively all the way. This means we offer a range of services from early interest and curiosity to committed long term development. Some examples:

  • Inspiration talks and seminars
  • Culture strategy work with executives and/or boards
  • Learning/co-creation labs
  • Culture development agents ”for hire”
  • Coaching inhouse consultants and change agents
  • Design and facilitation of tailored development processes

As we have mentioned co-creation is our thing, and also the way to go about transforming culture. We have no programs and no ”off-the-shelf” offerings. Frankly, because we don’t believe they work very well. Each organisation requires its own process. Which means our collaborations are built together in a spirit of mutuality and emergence.

Curious? Get in touch for an initial conversation.

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