business as unusual

Imagine working in a business that is created for you. Designed to facilitate your self-development. And give you real influence and a fair share of the returns. 

Imagine you and your colleagues working, struggling, developing, and thriving by solving challenges together – in a safe and supportive culture. Where it is just as important for you to mature as a person as it is to develop your skills and competencies.

Imagine how this surprisingly rare approach to work cultivates new levels of learning, creativity, quality, and value. For you. And for your coworkers, customers, society, and our biosphere.

rrarre aspires to be such an enterprise. We are forming a purpose-driven group of businesses that share a developmental framework for workplace culture, leadership, and enterprise building. 

We are looking for promising business ideas to launch, curious people to bring along on our developmental journey, and investors who would like to contribute long term for a reasonable return.

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‍We invite you to co-create rrarre with us!

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