we make impact
work better

In a nutshell rrarre makes impact work better by attending to culture. We believe that work cultures that foster awareness and maturity in individuals and collectives are a missing link in most organizations, and equally so in impact enterprises. If we can’t properly support inner sustainability, outer sustainability will be even more difficult to reach.

rrarre builds, operates and continuously develops steward owned and for-purpose enterprises. We involve ourselves with financial capital, coaching of developmental cultures and coaching of innovation processes. When we have capacity we aim to also serve re-purposing of existing organizations through active investments.

We believe in co-creation and have three types of partners in mind for our work, and how each may benefit.

For-purpose entrepreneurs

Our framework offers for-purpose entrepreneurs an alternative to the VC-driven startup culture of today. You have a business idea of your own, or we match you with one we have. From day one we support you in building a people growth culture that creates competitive advantages and better resilience.

Benefits of an enterprise building partnership include reduced personal and business risk, capped returns for investors and founders, qualified coaching, rich opportunities for self development (yes, you too), being part of a community and network of like minded peers and role models, and seed capital if needed. 

For-purpose investors

rrarre is initiated by a private investor as a means of supporting what is rare and good in the world, and create conditions for wider adoption. The potentials of rrarre, and the needs of the world, makes collaborating with like minded investors central to our enterprise. Our conviction, supported by research and experience, is that forming people growth cultures makes solid business sense and is attractive to investors. 

Benefits for investors include working on and supporting a missing link for long term impact, involvement in our network and investment ideas, mitigating financial risk, clear agreements on returns, contributing to renewal of investment models, and (of course) get your share of self development.

For-purpose team members

rrarre is organised around principles of self leadership, teamwork and self determination. We invite people to us on the premise that they wish to develop their inner capabilities and also contribute to each others personal growth. Working within rrarre is both rewarding and challenging. Our ability to hold uncertainty and complexity is key to finding more creative and better solutions in our work, and at the same time contribute to the greater good.

Benefits for team members include real influence in the enterprise and daily work, a holding culture for self development, peer learning and support, interesting work, being continuously challenged (yes, really), and being part of a for-purpose community.

‍We invite you to co-create rrarre with us!

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