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The essence of rrarre

rrarre is about integrating favorable conditions for self-development, as far as we possibly can in the work we are involved in. We want to depart from viewing self-development as something one does outside work life. At rrarre the potential of self-development is in the work, and in the context and conditions offered by the organization. Well held, this creates meaningful and real value for every co-worker, for our customers, rrarre as a whole, and also in the longer run for society and the biosphere.

What do we mean by self-development?

By self-development we mean the deliberate activities and processes that a person undertakes that support becoming more open, self-aware, perspective seeking, sense making, mature, wise, and empathetic.

Respecting and strengthening the individual’s locus of control and sense of agency is a key aspect of self-development. Self-development is a process that is sparked from within, even if it can be a response to external conditions and situations. A willingness to embrace self-development is necessary but often not enough. One also needs favorable conditions and a holding environment.

An underlying assumption at rrarre is that the effects of self-development always are good. Individuals feel better, can hold complexity and uncertainty better, collaborations improve, creativity increases, and the quality of work improves.

Why does rrarre focus on self-development?

Self-development has general relevance for people and does not need productive applications to be valuable. That said, our convictions have guided us towards the direction we have chosen. Self-development can be both the purpose and the means in the same value creation process. We wish to explore this potential in rrarre’s business activities, in a co-creating and reciprocal process with our co-workers.

The need for self-development is increasing in our times. We want to contribute to increased wellbeing and flourishing among people, amidst the complexity and uncertainty of human life that we are encountering. In this we have an added intention of supporting young adults as they more than others are exposed to challenges that they have not been equipped to deal with.

Our belief is that the self-development we create conditions for will convert into better quality in our products and services, stronger relationships with our customers, and profitability that is sustainable over time. Self-development on larger scales contributes to wiser decisions and better responses to the predicaments facing humanity and the biosphere. We see ourselves as part of a growing movement in this direction.

How does rrarre create conditions for self-development?

The most important thing is that we have made self-development rrarre’s purpose. In our daily work activities self-development is supported by a developmental framework and a set of principles (rules of thumb).

  • We have a shared espoused culture that makes sure that the challenges we need for development will emerge and be captured. At the same time, we are held in a psychologically safe environment where challenges, vulnerability and learning not only are allowed, but they are also welcomed and necessary.
  • We work team based and close to our customers’ needs and realities, which generates a real developmental dynamic. And continuously gives us new situations to work from in our self-development.
  • We work with a high degree of democracy, autonomy and self-direction, where we both support and challenge each other in the work that needs to be done.
  • We have selected and acknowledged methods and tools that support self-development to call upon when needed.
  • We have qualified facilitation, coaching and mentoring – in our teams, and also shared resources in the mother company.

Working with rrarre is and should be a challenging experience. A lot will be unclear early on. As things gradually become clearer and one becomes more comfortable in a role and how rrarre works, new challenges will be generated. Recuperating is essential, but we will not let our co-workers get stuck in comfort for too long. When leaving rrarre, after a longer or shorter time with us, it is our sincere wish that the time with rrarre has been experienced as formative, rich with learning and valuable! And hopefully positive experiences of our culture and work practices are brought forward in new settings and environments.

What is rrarre’s view on professional development?

We see no conflict between self-development and competence or skills development. At rrarre one should both develop as a human being and develop one’s skills. Professional development is primarily handled within work teams. Our experience is that people who take their self-development seriously also do so with their professional development. There is a culture of professional pride and ”craftmanship” that one continuously seeks to develop. This leads us to believe that structures for professional development are best built by work teams that self-direct themselves and create what they need in connection to the customer needs they are serving. Our work teams will also create the internal and external knowledge sharing networks they need and update them over time.

How does rrarre function?

rrarre as an enterprising platform is run on a Steward Ownership model that protects our purpose and shares influence and financial results broadly. Our enterprises are run commercially on their respective markets and serve our purpose. Profits from our enterprises are reinvested, for quality improvement of our practices with self-development, bonuses to co-workers, and seed capital for new enterprises.

Business activities are formed in a co-created process enterprising leaders that are drawn to our purpose and developmental framework. They can be directed towards our advisory and education services, building enterprises where our framework can bring competitive advantage or in investments where our framework is linked to financial commitments.

A few necessary conditions for rrarre to function practically is that we can build and hold high levels of trust, hold uncertainty and welcome emergence, be fully transparent and have genuine curiosity towards ourselves and each other.

Who is behind rrarre?

rrarre is a private initiative by the entrepreneur Henrik Bergquist, driven by a wish to protect and strengthen what is rare and good. He is the chairman of rrarre ab.

rrarre’s operational framework is co-created between Henrik’s company Terrain Invest and Jan de Man Lapidoth. Jan currently holds the role Managing Partner.

The benefits rrarre receives from its operations is the satisfaction of contributing to people’s self-development in a sustainable business model. And in the longer run making positive and visible contributions and responses to the predicaments facing humanity and the biosphere.

‍We invite you to evolve yourself – together with us.

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