about rrarre

Where we are coming from

We see ourselves as part of a growing movement serving a deep societal transition towards sustainable human life on our home planet. rrarre is founded on the conviction that raising human maturity and awareness is key to wiser and better responses to the immense predicaments that humanity and the biosphere are facing. Further, we believe that with the right conditions, work places are the most suitable environments for such developmental processes. 

Where we are headed

rrarre’s mission is to create exceptional conditions for development of inner capabilities in work life. rrarre is formed as a steward owned commercial enterprise with the vision of gradually becoming a self financing entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our business is to build, operate and continuously develop for-purpose enterprises. When we have capacity our aim is to also serve re-purposing of existing organizations through active investments.

Driven by ideas and relationships

Our work comes to life in relational fields and networks, at the intersections between people, ideas and resources. We’re very passionate about cultivating promising ideas and co-creating value from them. 

Framework for developmental cultures

In the process of founding rrarre we have researched and validated a framework for developmental work places. The framework integrates principles, work practices, methods & tools and structural elements that through a co-creation process can shift organizational cultures towards increased maturity and awareness. Value created includes handling uncertainty and complexity better, improving resilience, increased creativity, improved innovation capabilities, better employee wellbeing and motivation, lower operational risks, and improved outcomes.

Business serves purpose

We are a for-purpose enterprise and believe our framework and approach can create value in all sectors and industries. By growing we can scale our impact. This requires us to be profitable and retain most of our earnings for reinvestments that further our purpose. Which is why we have adopted a steward ownership model that protects our purpose and shares influence and financial results more broadly than in conventional companies.

Business logic

rrarre normally invests with three ”currencies” – financial capital, coaching of developmental culture, and coaching of innovation processes. Together with other benefits of being part of rrarre’s ecosystem we co-create significant competitive advantages for each daughter enterprise in their respective markets. This builds financial resilience for both the daughter enterprises and for the ecosystem as a whole. 

Who is behind rrarre?

rrarre is an initiative by a private investor. Jan de Man Lapidoth currently holds the role Managing Partner. Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius is the chairman of our advisory board.

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