work with us

Based on rrarre’s developmental framework we collaborate with purpose-driven leaders and entrepreneurs, and their organizations.

Advisory and education services

  • co-creating deliberately developmental organizational cultures
  • adopting principles of Steward Ownership
  • leadership support and development
  • facilitation of learning partnerships 
  • courses, trainings, seminars, learning labs, workshops and talks

Enterprise building

  • co-creating enterprises within rrarre 
  • onboarding people and forming teams
  • setting up business and daily work practices
  • supporting and facilitating self-development
  • implementing principles of Steward Ownership


  • co-investing in existing purpose-driven enterprises
  • minority stakes based on principles of Steward Ownership
  • support and facilitation in culture development

Please contact jan@rrarre.com or +46 (0)733 312222 for a first explorative conversation.

‍We invite you to co-create rrarre with us!

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